Friday, February 3, 2012

friday favorites

WOW the weeks are flying by - I will really have to try to post more than friday favorites.  Once I get into the swing of things being a new mom I will be posting more about yoga, life as a new mom and of course friday favs.  Until then enjoy these awesome favs. 

Gotta love this girl
Yoga retreats around the world
Atlanta Yogi attempts a guinness book of world records
18 printable Valentines Day Cards
Yummy Yerbe Matte Latte - my favorite afternoon snack
Loving the Beauty Department tutorials
Babble is my go-to site right now - Calling all Mom's out there, what is your go-to site?
Favorite children's book to read

Enjoy your weekend!  We are trying one new thing each weekend.  Last weekend was dinner out at our favorite restaurant in the Square.  This weekend maybe the Farmers Market, Lunch at our favorite pizza joint or maybe breakfast in the square?

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