Friday, June 11, 2010

om shanti shanti shanti

This week's intention is Om.  Om is the universal sound which all other sounds are formed.  It's the connection we have to the universal consciousness that symbolizes reality.  If you listen carefully you can hear Om in every sound around you.  The air conditioner, car driving by, computer.  It's the sound that connects us all. As Om is my intention for this week I'm working on remembering how connected we all are, and by being present in the moment digging deep down to take time to listen to the present moment.

Shanti means peace -  it's usually chanted three times as "om shanti shanti shanti" meaning peace in mind, speech and body.  Seems pretty simple right, but the big lesson of peace is how we bring peace into our lives.  There are many ways, maybe it's exercise, writing, painting, having tea with a friend, listening to the ocean, walking on the beach, hiking through the woods, playing with your child.  One of the ways I bring peace into my life is through Yoga.  Every week one element I practice is bringing peace into my life.  Every drive home from yoga I am peaceful, smiling, wide eyed and giddy.  I've brought peace into my heart, mind and soul.  I've learned through the past couple of months that I can take this same lesson of peace from yoga and bring it into other spaces.  I feel that if we all can be peaceful and bring peace into our lives, our energy will be peaceful.  Energy can travel to others without words, it can be contagious both positive and negative.  If we can exude peace and positive energy to others around us they will hopefully pick up on the energy.  I love this quote from the Dali Lama - "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness"  If we were all kind, could kindness be contagious?  Like the Liberty Mutual commercial?

~ Sending much peace to you ~ Om shanti shanti shanti


  1. Hey Angie! This is amanda's sister, Rachel. Just stopped over cause I am a blog lover and I crave yoga. What a great combo you have put together here!

    You can visit me at:

    Or just wait for me to be back, bc I think your blog have a fantastic message!


  2. beautiful. absolutely beautiful. and so true!






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